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Reproductive Services

If you have tried breeding your animal without success, our veterinarians and experienced staff can facilitate your pet in all phases of the reproductive process. Animal’s Choice Veterinary Clinic has vast experience providing reproductive services for small animal breeding and large animals such as horses and cows. We offer fertility treatments, insemination, pregnancy surveillance, and delivery.

Our reproductive services include:

  • • Progesterone testing/evaluation
  • • Semen collection and analysis
  • • Artificial insemination
  • • Surgical artificial insemination
  • • Pregnancy ultrasounds and radiographs monitoring
  • • Assisted birth
  • • C-sections

The staff at Animal’s Choice Veterinary Clinic can help breeders in the areas of fertility and insemination. We can test for infertility in males and females for breeding purposes. Our staff is also able to collect semen samples from males for the purposes of breeding. Additionally, we can help in safely inseminating a female, whether it is natural or artificial, to ensure as little harm as possible to the mother.

We will also help you during the pregnancy to keep the mother healthy and growing at a safe rate with her babies. Once delivery is close at hand, our staff will guide you through the process of helping the mother deliver her babies in a warm, clean, and comfortable environment.

Some breeds of dog are unable to deliver their babies naturally, and Animal’s Choice Veterinary Clinic can perform a cesarean section (C-section) if necessary. We utilize the latest techniques in a sterile surgical room to perform the surgery. Once your pet has delivered her babies, we can follow her recovery and monitor the health of her litter.

Call our clinic to set up an appointment if you are interested in breeding your pet or know that your pet is expecting. We serve the animal reproductive and breeding needs of Iuka, Corinth, and beyond.